Translation Services

We offer a customized, professional translation solution.

Translation Service

Franklin Translation offers multilingual crosstranslation and relay translation services in 10 major languages (i.e., English, Chinese, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Russian, Vietnamese, Cambodian, and Indonesian) and other strategic languages.

We have a pool of top-notch translators with years of translation experience and subject matter expertise. In particular, we actively employ personnel with professional degrees and certificates (lawyers, doctors, accountants, tax accountants, etc.) to ensure the best translation quality for highly specialized fields.

Category Explanation
Technical Document Translation Pharmacy, Medical devices, Medicine, Veterinary, Food science (including livestock products), epidemiology, nuclear power, solar energy, agriculture and fisheries, environment fields related regulations, and standard documents translation
Academic Translation Research papers and textbooks of medicine and pharmacy, natural science, engineering, social science, and art and physical education translation
Video Translation Dubbing and subtitle translation services through translation and transcription services for documentaries, movies, and dramas
Business Document Translation Company profiles, forms of suggestion, contracts, reports, accounting documents, internal education data, and business letters
General Translation General documents except for general letters, various certificates, and professional books

Translation Process

Requesting a quote
Request a quote via phone, e-mail, fax, or online. We will discuss the price and delivery time.
Sending a quote
We’ll send you a quote after the consultation process.
Signing a contract
Translation work begins after full or partial payment for the translation is received.
By incorporating the client’s request, we will organize a translation team that suits the translation work.
Proofreading and editing
We will perform a content review and expert supervision, with a focus on the writing context, consistency, typos, and mistranslation.
The translated work will be delivered accordingly.
Paying the balance
The balance of the contract amount will be paid.
Following up
We will monitor client satisfaction with our translation services and take appropriate action as needed.

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